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Social Upliftment / Responsibility
In 1997, we accepted the positive advice from the president of our country to uplift and empower ourselves, we have followed that course and although we look forward to become a mainstream player in our industry, we have not and will not neglect our social responsibilities as we grow.

We at Transignal Electrical Sales cc believe our involvement in the community is essential. As a result we support and partake in community projects and initiatives in order to enrich society.

Examples of institutions that have benefited from our initiatives and contributions are as follows:

• Bel Porto, Education for Handicapped Children
• Bo-Kaap Community Health Care Workers
• Cape Penisula University of Technology,
• Crescent Observers Society, Cape Town
• Duinefontein Muslim Association, Athlone
• Elda Mahlantle Primary School, Joe Slovo Park
• Gheiraad Schotsche Kloof, Schotsche Kloof
• Noorul Islam Mosque, Buitengraght Street,
• Owal Mosque, Dorp Street
• Palm Tree Mosque, Long Street
• Raghmaniya Primary School, District 6
• Robben Island Primary School
• Schotsche Kloof Primary School, Schotsche Kloof
• St. Pauls Primary School, Bo-Kaap
• The Young Stars Youth Development, Cape Town
• Trafalgar High School, District 6
• United Cricket Club, Cape Town
• Williams Street Mosque, Williams Street
• Zeenatul Islam Mosque, Muir Street


Transignal Electrical Sales cc’s Managing Member and Majority Shareholder: Mr. M. S. Samie has received numerous letters of gratitude and appreciation for the initiatives and contributions.

Mr. M. S. Samie has received an award from the Office of the Premier of the Western Cape for the involvement in The Timbuktu Project, also an award from Petro South Africa for the assistance to Trafalgar High School for the continuous involvement in educational upliftment.

Transignal Electrical Sales cc has a vision to become a major role player in the development of small businesses and to remain a vital contributor to social upliftment programs.

Our motto serves as a constant reminder to us of our responsibilities in the community;

light up the nation! empower the nation!


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        Disclaimer | Transignal Electrical Sales cc is a 100% Black Economic Empowerment Company
light up the nation! empower the nation!